Ripples is back and turns 1.0, of course Ripples is loaded with lots of new features.


Version history:

New: Background images can now be zoomed to the whole screen area OR displayed proportional // Displaying images proportional shows borders which can be colored // Preview of the wave function // Wave smoothing // Now you can adjust a bigger wave amplitude // A bicubic filter increases the quality of background images // The animation is now controlled by a hires timer which achieves a much more constant framerate than before // Toolbox with Zoom- and Grab-Tools, Deletion of Pathes added // The GUI is now more tidy // New background images! // Vista-Compatibility: The Pictures directory has been moved to "My Documents" // Speed could be increased by 100%, Ripples needs much less CPU time.
Fix: A known bug is that sometimes a few pathpoints at the same position are created - it's solved