Maybe today’s headline is a little over the top! 😉 But „Ripples“ users have to get used to a new name: „wellwasser® bluescreen“!
That’s worth it, because already the first version after the relaunch brings along lots of new features and solves a few annoying bugs, which Ripples had up to now.


New is (among other things):

  • Live preview
  • Up to 10 separate adjustable pathes
  • Completely new update display


Old advantages persist:

  • Ripples users will come to grips with wellwasser® bluescreen immediately and can existing images and profiles also use in wellwasser® bluescreen!
  • wellwasser® bluescreen remains to be freeware!

By the engagement of the still emerging brand „wellwasser®“ is now a considerably higher development pace possible than before! There are still many things that will come!

Download wellwasser bluescreen